„As Heaven Turns To Ash“ von Warhorse wird wiederveröffentlicht

Warhorse - As Heaven Turns To AshAm 24. Februar wird das seit langem ausverkaufte Debütalbum „As Heaven Turns To Ash“ von WARHORSE wiederveröffentlicht. Southern Lord wird das Album auf Doppel-Vinyl inklusive der EP „I Am Dying“ rausbringen.

Forged in 1996 and lasting the best part of a decade, the output of WARHORSE wallows deep down, grooving at the kind of frequency usually associated with imminent natural disaster. But in addition to their intricate delivery, WARHORSE exuded an experimental, subtle psychedelic swagger which gave rise to gritty and memorable riffs, and saw them sharing stages with the likes of such amplification legends as Electic Wizard, Khanate, Acid King, High On Fire and Unearthy Trance.


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