Phantom Winter (ex-Omega Massif) Signs with Golden Antenna Records

Phatom Winter LogoPhantom Winter (ex-Omega Massif) Signs with Golden Antenna Records
Phantom Winter, father of frost and glacier of souls, is crawling forwards. Golden Antenna is our new label of choice and we will give the golden one a cold shimmer of frosty blue. Be prepared for colder and darker days ahead. Phantom Winter will release their first full-length in 2015.
Out of the ashes of Omega Massif a massive cold glacier was calved, consisting of darkness and doom. In spring/summer 2014 PHANTOM WINTER was just there…throwing its first song „Wintercvlt“ into everyone’s ears to attack the two-faced warmth in a capacity-driven society. Without taking care of music genres or boundaries the first album „CVLT“ will haunt your dreams with fear, frost and hope.
Andreas Schmittfull – Gitarre/Gesang
Christof Rath – Schlagzeug
Martin Achter – Bass
Bastian Kröckel – Gitarre
Christian Krank – Gesang

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